Represented in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, London, Hong Kong, Nice and the SADC region.

Gene Kotton (DN PSS, NIS), SIRA registered, military compliant, French and South African..

Due to the nature of the business our preference is that you contact us via email ( or fax on 0866 356 452

Bodyguards, High/Medium or Low Risk
Corporate Functions
Asset recovery
Fraud Investigation
Protective Chauffeur
Threat Assessment
Risk Analysis Reports
Bodyguard Training
Celebrity Guarding
VIP Guarding
Victim Escort
Computer Security
International Courier
Protective Surveillance
Security Advisor
Hotel Security
Travel Advice & Reports on the Country you are visiting, specializing in Africa.
Residential and business protection with armed security guards.
Background Investigations
Cash Escorts
Family Protection
Travel Protection
Crisis Management
VIP & Executive Protection
Covert/Overt Security Operations