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Man killed at Pretoria nightclub
Shane Boruchowitz’s family claim he tried to stop a fight between his brother, friends & another group.
JOHANNESBURG - A 23-year-old Johannesburg man has died at a popular night club in Pretoria’s Menlyn Square allegedly after being stabbed by a bouncer.

Shane Boruchowitz’s family claim he tried to stop a fight that broke out between his brother, friends and a group of club goers early on Thursday.

A bouncer intervened and allegedly stabbed Boruchowitz twice in the chest.

Brooklyn police have opened a murder docket and have taken statements from witnesses, but no arrests have been made

The Boruchowitz family has appointed private investigator Gene Kotton to look into the incident.

Kotton has seen the death certificate and has told Eyewitness News the 23-year-old died due to severe head trauma and he had two stab wounds.

He says eyewitnesses claim a bouncer stabbed the young man.

“Shane allegedly told them it [the fight] was not necessary, but instead got stabbed and fell down.”

His brother has submitted a police statement saying, “I saw the bouncer stabbing Shane with something.”

Ty’s NightClub owner Jannie Oosthuizen has sent his condolences to the family and vowed to work with authorities to arrest those responsible.

“We need to get to the bottom of it, but there are two sides to the story. If it was even one of our guys we are ready.”

Boruchowitz’s father says his surviving son has been left traumatised after his brother died in his arms.

Kotton says Boruchowitz’s brother saw the stabbing.

“The police were told that the guys were still inside. One guy with a beard who was involved in the whole thing was identified. Police did nothing, they just let everybody go which is very strange.”

He says Boruchowitz’s brother hid from the attackers in a parking lot before calling his family and police.

“He’s the one who called his father to say ‘listen we are dying here, they killed my brother and they want to kill me. I’m hiding under a car you need to get here.’”

The night club owner says the murder is “shocking”.

The club says if any of its staff are found to be linked to the incident they must face the full might of the law.

Article via EWN

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